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Star Wars OC - Kyash Sunrider :icondeviantartest99:DeviantArtest99 2 0
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Star Wars OC profile - Varsh Echohawk (WIP)
Introduction of Character
Name: Varsh Echohawk
Age: 25 (30 TBE)
Gender: Male
Nickname(s): Echo, Skippy
Alias(es): Feral Five
Species: Mammalian, Human
Era(s): Third Republic
Birth Date: Selona 27th, Fifth year of the Third Republic Era
Occupation: X-Wing pilot
Affiliation(s): New Republic, Resistance (Starfighter Corps. Ghost Wing, Feral Squadron, Alpha group)
The Character’s Appearance
Physical Appearance: Feathered red hair that reaches down his neck to his shoulders. Blue almond shaped eyes under soft angled eyebrows. His face is an inverted triangle with a Greek nose and soft ivory skin. He also has earrings.
In the Resistance, he has various outfits. As a member of Ghost Wing, he wears their grey and white bomber jack with a green shirt underneath. His uniform is standard Resistance.
Height: Six feet, 1 inch (1.85 meters)
Mass: An oval body with a skinny build.
Weight: 166 lbs.
About the Charac
:icondeviantartest99:DeviantArtest99 0 0
Cmdr. Varsh Echohawk (OG) :icondeviantartest99:DeviantArtest99 1 0
Arslan Senki Character sheet template
-General information
Born: (Pars era)
Alignment: (Lawfully good, True neutral, Chaotically evil, that kinda thing)
-Physical distinctions
Appearance: (Skin color, hair, you know, stuff like that. But also describe how they wear their hair, their general body type, you know, to give a better idea of what they look like)
General apparel: (The general idea behind their everyday apparel, their armor, if they have any; anything they have reason to wear)
General descriptor:
-Biographical information
Family background:
(Optional) Death:
-Battlefield information:
Fighting style:
:icondeviantartest99:DeviantArtest99 4 0
My Reaction to RvB Season 13 ending :icondeviantartest99:DeviantArtest99 4 11 My Scott Pilgrim avatar :icondeviantartest99:DeviantArtest99 0 0 JAC of OneManBand vs The World :icondeviantartest99:DeviantArtest99 2 0
Star Wars: Rise of the Phoenix - Prologue
Episode 1: Wrath of the Grand Inquisitor
Sparks of rebellion! In the wake of the BARRACK SPLINTER CELL, the IMPERIAL MILITARY has tightened their grip on the Outer Rim Territories. GRAND MOFF TARKIN has taken the region by storm, turning the backwater planets into hellish existences and declaring Marshall Law.
Power to the Inquisitors has grown, them being the more than the spies of the Empire, but the Imperial equivalent of the Jedi Knights. With the military power of a Moff, they can easily manage their duty to the Emperor.
The ZANN CONSORTIUM has taken advantage of the advanced technology and inexperienced officers. Their leader, TYPER ZANN, has bought off the Imperial Forces in the sectors he operates in and acquired military equipment as well. Discovering this corruption, an Inquisitor has taken upon herself to correct this and exterminate the Consortium….
:icondeviantartest99:DeviantArtest99 1 0
Star Wars: Rise of the Phoenix title card :icondeviantartest99:DeviantArtest99 2 0
Sci-fi OC Templet
Real "Nickname" Name
Historical info
Personal info
-Hair color:
-Eye color:
Profession info
-Military rank:
Personal info
-Notable traits:
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The Witch-Hunts preview - The Hunter
A young man looks over the landscape. It is a hot desert with nothing more than the dead to accompany travelers, assuming that anyone is crazy enough to travel these plains. Well, you would guess that the young man is ready to die without a will, but you’re ironically wrong, because that man has a stronger will than the average man.
Okay, back the man. He has ivory colored skin, coffee colored hair, dark gray eyes, and was clad in a dark trench coat, western styled boots with spurs, brown gloves, dark brown jeans, and a white dress shirt with a red tie, a dark brown battle mask, a sandy brown cape, and most notably, a brown witch hat. His weaponry consisted of two katana, a crossbow, and a trench knife. He was not dressed for the dessert, but something else.
He watched as a train moves across the canyon. The thing about the young man is that he’s a hunter, and that train has his prey. The Hunter Shadow Jumps, or teleports, from his perch and reappeared on top of the train.
:icondeviantartest99:DeviantArtest99 0 0


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 Despite what you may believe, no fantasy author invented the idea of Half-Elves. It's actually a part of Norse and Anglo-Saxon mythology, but the principle's sound: some born half Elf and Human. To no one's surprise, the first to use the idea was Tolkien; he made a few character's in Middle-Earth born of Man and Elf. Ever heard of Elrond? Yeah.

 The point of this is to explain how Half-Elves have been treated in popular culture and how they could be treated in the future.

 Let's start with Dragon Age. Now, in-setting, there technically is no such thing as a Half-Elf; genetic difficulties. Why do I bring it up? It's because those genetic difficulties don't mean a child can't be born to a Human and Elf, rather the child would be without any Elven traits. I start with this because it shows how that not all fantasy settings have traditional Half-Elves, even when it would seem so.

 Next we should look at Tolkien's example. Revisiting it, Middle-Earth simultaneously has more than you know and less than you think. Elrond comes from the line of Beren and Luthien, two names you could probably tell me the story of. Luthien was an Elf (sorta, it's complicated) that fell in love with a Man, but didn't want to because he was destined to die and she was not. For her love, and other things too complicated for this article, she and all her descendants were given the Choice of Mortality.

 It doesn't stop there. Eventually, over multiple instances of Half-Elves, two of them married and had twin sons: Elros and Elrond. They were given a choice: one was to rule a new nation to the west and his line would rule Men until the end of their days, while the other would watch over Middle-Earth and hold authority over Elves. Elros became the first king of Numenor and his descendants would rule Gondor and Arnor, while Elrond would rule Rivendell. If you think about it, that makes Aragorn and Arwen pretty weird.

 I'm spending three paragraph explaining Half-Elves in Middle-Earth. As pathetic as that is, there is a lot to cover for this article. What it adds up to is that Half-Elves have significant importance in his setting and may have something to do their scarcity. This shows the differences between two settings that seem so similar; Dragon Age doesn't really have Half-Elves and Tolkien's Middle-Earth has a few that make all the difference.

 There really isn't much else to talk about. Most other setting don't really have detailed histories about their races and there aren't a lot of things to talk about. Pathfinder and D&D have Half-Elf as an optional race, but aren't any official histories for them. This adds up to them being not significant, even though Elves used to be immortal creatures of greatness, so Half-Elves would be quite something. I guess I'm tired of this jaded attitude towards fantasy. "Nothing will ever be as good as Lord of the Rings, so there's no sense in trying", that's their mentality.

 I'll try. For Tolkien, for Lewis, for Martin. For Aslan, for Bilbo, for NARNIA!


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